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People ‘cost too much’: the Abbot Government and Neoliberalism

What to do, what to do… The current non-acceptance of the 2014 Budget by the Australian population—which in turn has been reinforced by the majority of state government premier’s—does not bode well for the future of the Coalition as a … Continue reading

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Australia’s Abbott government, the Asia-Pacific region and the ‘China Divide’

Prime Minister (PM) Abbott arrived in China after a somewhat successful mission to Japan and South Korea recently, in acquiring trade benefits on some Australian exports. Broadly speaking, his visit to parts of the Asia-Pacific (AP) region has been hailed … Continue reading


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A reply to : How many children’s lives will Tony’s jets cost?

A reply to the Australian Independent Media Network’s article (by Kaye Lee): How many children’s lives will Tony’s jets cost? This article raises some good points, however there are some tensions within it that I would like to address. Whilst … Continue reading

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Abbott uses society’s vulnerable as means to an ideological end

Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network:
Image courtesy of Can anybody make any sense out of what this government doing? asks Jennifer Wilson. It seems to me that it’s a core conservative tradition to use  the most vulnerable…

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