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An open letter: a response to America’s Broken Cities – Time Magazine

The following letter was written in response to an article in Time Magazine on the 5th August 2013 entitled America’s Broken Cities. The letter was emailed to the Editor – as yet I have had no response. Dear Sir/Madam, I … Continue reading

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China, the Pacific and the waves it will create for Australia

At the present time for Australia the rise of China is not yet complete, but that is not to say Australians should be complacent to the challenges that its rise will bring.  Nothing is more certain however, than as China … Continue reading

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There is Trouble in Paradise

According to SBS World News (29, July, 2013) Fiji’s foreign minister ‘launched an acidic broadside against the [Australian] governments plan to send asylum seekers [to] Papua New Guinea’ and further warned that it ‘could alter the social fabric of the … Continue reading


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