February, 2018

Taipei Times


September, 2017

E-International Relations
A New Age of Violence: Terrorism as an Asymmetrical and ‘Existential’ Threat

May, 2017

The Australian Independent Media Network

What’s really going on?: The reasons why the US and North Korea won’t go to war over the Korean Peninsula

(modified for an Australian audience)


E-International Relations

Winning Hostilities Without War: United  States- North Korea Machinations


Federation University: Cultural Enquiry and Research Group

Presentation:  ‘The Dragon is Swimming’: How China is following the West’s ‘model of expansionism’ in the South China Sea

A copy of the Powerpoint of my presentation can be downloaded here:


The Dragon is Swimming_

January, 2017

My latest article from December last year has been published in the Australian Herald http://www.australianherald.com/index.php/sid/249922993

December, 2016


Modified for an Australian audience.

November, 2016

My article on the coming war with China, an historical perspective on powerful nation-states and  how they wish to redefine their ‘place’ in the world – Britain in the late-seventeenth and eighteenth  centuries; Japan in the early twentieth century; and the USA in the late-twentieth century; and now China in the twenty-first century.  As published in E-IR


July, 2016

My article on the Bastille Day terrorist attack in France, as published on the Australian Independent Media Network

War in a public place: The Bastille Day attack,  the strategy and tactics of Insurgencies


June, 2016

Blog comment re: Turkey

My latest article on the lease of the Port of Darwin to Chinese interests and the (possible) ramifications for Australia  from a geo-strategic perspective, and as published by the Australian Independent Media Network

Where fools rush in: The Leasing of the Port of Darwin and the Rise of China


An article on the rise of China, observing the PRC’s  move into Central Asia, and  as published by E-International Relations

Beyond the Asia-Pacific: China’s Next Geo-Strategic ‘Stepping Stone’


Feb, 2016

An article published by The Australian Independent Media Network, detailing the thrust of Western society and the way in which there is now a reaction by the Chinese; and the increasing demands the USA will make on Australia in the Asia-Pacific region in order to ‘balance’ this state-of-affairs.


Dec, 2015

This article is a comment on the rise of China in the Asia-Pacific region and the difficulty, in this case, Japan is having coming to terms with this factor – as did the British before them, as did the French before that, the Spanish prior to the French…the list goes on.

The article is entitled:  ‘The Impact of Industrial Revolutions: China’s Rise and the Decline of Japan’ can be found at


The Australian Independent Media Network

‘Heads should roll’: An Historical Perspective on Terrorism for the Abbott Neoconservative Goverment


E-International Relations

‘Oil Then, Water Now’: Another Reason for War in the 21st Century?


E-International Relations

The Asia-Pacific Scramble and a ‘Larger Australia’


E-International Relations

The Australian Independent Media Network

Double Standards: The West and Terrorism


The Australian Independent Media Network 


E-International Relations

Airpower Hopes: The West, Versus the Islamic State, and the Evolution of Warfare


 The Australian Independent Media Network



The International Relations and Security Network (Zurich)

The Sovereign Nation-State as a Contributor to Terrorism


E-International Relations

The Sovereign Nation-State as a Contributor to Terrorism


E-International Relations

Australia-China and the Rise of Pax-Sino:  Where to now?


The Australian Independent Media Network  

Australia-China and the Rise of Pax-Sino:  Where to now?


But will China invade Australia?


Australia beckons India: more antagonism by the Abbott government toward China


Greater Australia-Japan Military Ties: another dangerous step in the coming age of pax-Sino


What a State demands, what a citizen give and what Abbott and Hockey simply don’t understand


People cost ‘too much’: the Abbott Government and Neo-liberalism


The Indonesia Spy scandal and Australia’s future in the region




The Courier, Issues Hidden Beneath the Surface of Diplomacy, ‘Opinion,’                                 April 13

Click the scanned newspaper image for a larger ‘readable ‘copy or download the article here:  scanned newspaper copy here or download the article here: Issues Hidden Beneath the Surface of Diplomacy


The Courier, Action Needed on the UNSC, ‘Opinion,’  May 2

Action Needed from the UNSCClick the scanned newspaper image for a larger readable copy or download the article here:  scanned newspaper copy here or download the article here: Action Needed from the UNSC


2011      Why winning a war is no longer necessary:  Modern warfare and the United                        States of America through the prism of the wars of  Vietnam and Iraq.

View my thesis at Federation University (University of Ballarat) and Australian Digital Theses here:


View my thesis online at Academia.com here (or access via the Federation University library link):


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