Mission Statement

The mission of Geo-Strategic Orbit is to provide insightful, independent, cutting-edge, evidence-based and informative commentary on current geo-strategic happenings; and their associated dynamics.  Within this realm GsO is able to include interpretation analysis and future-casting, with an astute perceptiveness.  Evaluation and synthesis of circumstances is available in the following areas:

  • Geo-strategic and military analyses;
  • Geo-political and foreign policy analyses;
  • The Asia-Pacific region and ‘Asian Century’ evaluations;
  • The rise of China and India;
  • War studies, including symmetrical, asymmetrical and insurgency warfare analysis;
  • The possibility and potential of broad-scale force-on-force encounters; and
  • Relevant historical components with regard to war and the nation-state

With the onrush of the Asian-Century already in motion this blog is able to provide a deeper, more nuanced approach to the abovementioned in the coming era of pax-Sino, the rise of non-State actors (terrorism), and the newfound challenges it will bring to all actors in the region; and the world.


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