Napoleon Bonaparte said of China:

“Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.”

Two hundred-plus years later China and its impact on the Asia-Pacific (A-P)–in recent  times often referred to as the Indo-Pacific region–is fulfilling Bonaparte’s prediction.

To be sure, the epicentre of the world is shifting from the Western-European post-World War Two American ‘model,’ of geo-strategic dominance–which is essentially an advance on what has become known colloquially known as the ‘Vasco da Gama’ era–to a world that will be Sino-driven, especially in the A-P.   Notwithstanding this state-of-affairs, there is much happening within and about hostilities in the world that reflect focused developments; ambitions; objectives; and endgame policies.

With the above in mind, commentary is offered on the below-mentioned categories and said commentary is always offered through a prism of erudite analysis;  evidence-based argument; and with a non-traditionalist stance cum cutting edge approach.  The subject matter comprises

  • Regional and macro geo-strategic & geo-political analysis;
  • Asia-Pacific and ‘Rise of China’ comprehension;
  • China – Taiwan relations;
  • Conflict interpretation & forecasting;
  • Terrorism investigation;
  • War studies; &
  • Foreign policy relevant to conflict.

GsO is a registered business and consultancy is available.  Through the aforementioned prism, all erudite investigation is meant to offer information and analysis which offers a deeper view of geo-strategic and geo-political happenings.  All explorations whether tailored or general, are accompanied by scholarly information and interpretation. When and where necessary studies are further informed and developed with, and through, an historical evidence-base.

Geo-strategic and geo-political independent comment, analysis and assessments within the aforementioned areas and included where necessary related issues, such as Australian, European, Central Asian, East Asian, Southeast Asian and  American domestic politics are able to be addressed.

All of the information contained in this blog is © Strobe Driver, and may be used with appropriate citation.

The link to my doctoral thesis can be found on my Curriculum Vitae page.

Recipient: Taiwan Fellowship 2018, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taiwan, ROC.

Dr. Strobe Driver

Recent publications and other relevant commentary:


See ‘Latest commentary’ for When Kabul became the new Saigon the ‘endless war’ ended

Book contract … writing, writing…. writing……… 🙂


The Taiwan 2020 Election: How Tsai managed to regain Taiwan and reject China

Yet another visit by a #USA envoy to #Taiwan and #China reacts- as it usually does. What will come of this visit, one might ask? Will it be the same as all that have gone before? No firm stance by the US on whether it will come to Taiwan’s aid militarily (aside from selling Taiwan as much materiel as Taiwan can buy), it will surely be the same old, same old. The people of Taiwan must surely understand another meeting with President Tsai, is not a reliable ally gained. #AsiaPacific #Asia #War #China #Asiapacificsecurity #Asiapolitics

Panic Stations: Australia’s Scramble to Defend Against China in the Asia-Pacific


Presenter: Federation University, Cultural Enquiry and Research Group.  A Year of Living Next to the Dragon: Taiwan – China and an Asia-Pacific War.  November, 2019.
German-Southeast Asian Center of Excellence for Public Policy and Good Governance insightful and informative online ‘news and information’ publication.

Beware the West’s ambivalence


Chinese Ships in Sydney Harbour: The PLAN and its plan

How Long Will the Dragon Wait?  China and the Retrocession of Taiwan

How Long Will the Dragon Wait? China and the Retrocession of Taiwan

Australia as a Beggar Nation: How the Country Liberal Party made the Port of Darwin a Geo-strategic requisite for China


Asia-Pacific and Cross-Strait Machinations: Challenges for Taiwan in the Nascent Phase of Pax-Sino


A Unified Korea: Good for All (Except Japan)

A Unified Korea: Good for All (Except Japan)



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From Possible to Probable: The Dynamics of a Taiwan – China War


Taiwan must prepare for blockade


What war would mean for Taiwan


Irredentism, Nationalism and a Looming Asia-Pacific War


Thinking through the US’ ‘closer ties’


China following West’s example



A New Age of Violence: Terrorism as an Asymmetrical and ‘Existential’ Threat


Winning Hostilities Without War: United  States — North Korea Machinations


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