Napoleon Bonaparte said of China:
“Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will shake the world.”

And so, two hundred-plus years later China—and its impact on the Asia-Pacific             (A-P) region in general—is fulfilling Bonaparte’s prediction.

In extrapolating on this statement only evidence-based argument will be relevant to commentary on the abovementioned–which will be provided by Geo-Strategic Orbit (GO).

To be sure, the epicentre of the world is shifting from the Western-European and  since the end of  World War Two, the American ‘model,’ which has developed into what is considered to be the ‘Vasco da Gama’ era, to a world that will be dominated by a Sino-driven A-P.  Australia will, due to its geographic location and its previous policy-making, be at the forefront of what will become a conflicted arena.  However, it will be the one that shapes Australia’s future per se.   GO offers informed and articulate analysis of what is coming; and the way in which it will impact upon  Australia: its trade, businesses and its ‘place’ in the region.  This will be done by offering comprehensive and articulate forecasting and futurecasting on a regular chronological basis.

GO is premised upon, and underpinned by independent, informative and succinct observations which offer neither without fear nor favour.  All analysis, whether tailored or general, is accompanied by erudite scholarly interpretation; and is informed by a strong historical evidence-base.

GO understands, and is secure in the knowledge the new challenges that will be faced stem from the way things ‘were,’ and that the way in which things will now have to ‘be’ for Australia; and the West in general.  However what is clear, is that times are changing, and thus, the ‘Vasco da Gama’ era is being heavily impacted upon.    To be sure, Australia’s position must be redefined.  This will be done by Australia being pro-active, or being dragged along by others as the relevant power-stakes; positioning; and preponderance unfolds.  As the A-P region becomes increasingly fractious, the time  for Australia to understand that the ‘winds of war’ are blowing and that now, more than ever before, there exists the potential for it to be dragged into situations which have been created by others is paramount.  Therefore, the Australian government needs to reconfigure and develop a meaningful future for its citizens and this can, and should be accomplished by Australians’ establishing an independent and forthright position in the region; and thoroughly understand what is happening regionally and globally with regard to this new era.

The pressures for Australia will be enormous in the near-future geo-strategically and geo-politically.   GO offers critical independent assessment/s of the following areas:

  • A-P regional and relevant geo-strategic and geo-political analyses;
  • Asia-Pacific security/rise of China/India;
  • conflict forecasting/interpretation;
  • terrorism;
  • war studies; and
  • foreign policy.

GO is ready to offer articulate written and audio commentary on the ‘coming storm’ and the commentary will have at its core an understanding that unless policies change–with regard to Australia and its place in the region–there will be a war in the A-P,  in which Australia, will be completely and thoroughly, immersed.

All of the information contained in this blog are © Strobe Driver

Dr. Strobe Driver

Recent commentary:

29 January, 2017

My latest article from December last year just got picked up by the Australian Herald http://www.australianherald.com/index.php/sid/249922993

5 December, 2016

War with China: Ascending Powers, Expansionism and the Use-of-Force

(modified for an Australian audience)


22 November, 2016

War with China: Ascending Powers, Expansionism and the Use-of-Force


22 July, 2016

My article on the Bastille Day terrorist attack in France, as published on the Australian Independent Media Network

War in a public place: The Bastille Day attack,  the strategy and tactics of Insurgencies


9 June, 2016

Blog comment re: Turkey

My latest article on the lease of the Port of Darwin to Chinese interests and the (possible) ramifications for Australia  from a geo-strategic perspective, and as published by the Australian Independent Media Network

Where fools rush in: The Leasing of the Port of Darwin and the Rise of China


7 June, 2016

An article on the rise of China, observing the PRC’s  move into Central Asia, and  as published by E-International Relations

Beyond the Asia-Pacific: China’s Next Geo-Strategic ‘Stepping Stone’


14 Feb, 2016

An article published by The Australian Independent Media Network, and authored by me, detailing the thrust of Western society and the way in which there is now a reaction to this by the Chinese; and the demands the USA will  make on Australia in the Asia-Pacific region in order to ‘balance’ this happening.


13 Dec, 2015

My latest article which is a comment on the rise of China in the Asia-Pacific region and the difficulty, in this case Japan is having coming to terms with this factor – as did the British before them, the French before that, the Spanish prior to the French…the list goes on.

The article is entitled:  ‘The Impact of Industrial Revolutions: China’s Rise and the Decline of Japan’ can be found at


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  1. winstonclose says:

    Hello, My name is Winston Close Political commentator & advocate for social & environmental issues May I have your consent to repost this article in WordPress and then on social media websites such as facebook, Google plus, Linkedin, etc.?
    Thanking you in Advance
    Winston Close

    • strobedriver says:

      Hi Winston, very happy to have you post my stuff, sorry about the delay in getting back to you as I have been up to my ears in getting a uni course in order, but am back on track now. Also, had a look at your site…very cool. Regards, Strobe

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