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Australia should consider hosting bases with US forces: A response to this absurd and dangerous proposal in the coming age of pax-Sino

http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/australia-should-consider-hosting-bases-with-us-forces-says-defence-analyst-ross-babbage-20150811-giwo8l.html This is yet another, ridiculous and ill-informed commentary from the conservative (I would suggest neo-conservative) Menzies Institute and Ross Babbage’s comments should be rebuffed in no uncertain terms. There is an assumption that is so entrenched in this Institute … Continue reading

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‘Heads should roll’: An Historical Perspective on Terrorism for the Abbott Neoconservative Government

‘Heads should roll’ With regard to Prime Minister Abbott and his ‘heads should roll’ comment of 25 June, 2015 there is more to be said about this incident and the witch-hut that has taken place in the public sphere. There … Continue reading

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What a State demands, what a citizen gives, and what Abbott and Hockey simply don’t understand

Recent history and the dreaded ‘age of entitlement’ mantra The rhetoric from the Abbott-Hockey mantra of the ‘age of entitlement’ appears to be getting more manic as a viewing of the ABC’s Parliament Question Time will attest; and as other … Continue reading

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People ‘cost too much’: the Abbot Government and Neoliberalism

What to do, what to do… The current non-acceptance of the 2014 Budget by the Australian population—which in turn has been reinforced by the majority of state government premier’s—does not bode well for the future of the Coalition as a … Continue reading

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