Dr. Strobe DriverDr Strobe Driver

After many years of interest in conflict, wars and warfare my doctoral thesis examined the progress of war as a mechanism of intent; as a deliberate focus of force that drives for specific outcomes; and how within this framework, war is able to be utilized to gain a position of advantage–even if a war cannot be won in the ‘traditional sense’ of the term.

The title of my thesis (available on Australian Digital Theses):

Why winning a war is no longer necessary: Modern warfare and the United States of America through the prism of the wars of Vietnam and Iraq.

With the coming of what is colloquially known as the ‘Asian Century’ and the subsequent changes it will generate, the time is nigh for unfettered independent assessments of the drastic changes that will come about due to this happening.  The study of conflict/s  within my thesis alerted me to what is happening in the Asia-Pacific (A-P) region; and the coming crises the situation will bring for Australia in the twenty-first century.  In simpler terms how A-P security will be monumentally changed by the ‘rise of China.’

Geo-Strategic Orbit (GO) is essentially about analysing, understanding and developing geo-political and geo-strategic awareness of what is happening in the A-P region; and what is happening in other regions that will directly impact on this region in the near- and long-term.  Any other relevant information will also be incorporated in a given analysis in order to provide a most substantial and thorough analysis.  The coming situation and in particular, the dangers alluded to as pax-Sino develops, and the second and third decades of this century roll on, are of the utmost importance.  It is due to these inherent and coming dangers that will be brought to the fore that an articulate, ongoing, independent, cutting-edge, factually- and evidence-based voice is needed in the commentary that is already upon us.  The A-P region is fast becoming the new friction-filled epicentre of the world.  GO’s commentary is able to offer historical and up-to-date, factual and counter-factual observations including relevant analysis of  situation/s-at-hand, as well as offering forecasting and futurecasting of geo-strategic and geo-political models.

GO will produce a ‘levelling’ to the most powerful voices that will seek to dominate the commentary as the age of pax-Sino begins in earnest. This should be deliberately interpreted as one of challenging government and institutional assessments of criterion and criteria that will be offered  in the future by either government sponsored and/or controlled institutions.  GO will directly challenge if need be, opinions and observations of both  government and government departments and/or institutions and commentators, especially if the observations are centred on the more ‘acceptable’ and ‘palatable’ elements of a situation or circumstance.  There are significant challenges coming for Australia and the A-P region and they will arrive sooner rather than later.

GO will break through any commentary given by others with fearlessness; and offer a different and challenging voice.


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