A reply to : How many children’s lives will Tony’s jets cost?

Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon

A reply to the Australian Independent Media Network’s article (by Kaye Lee): How many children’s lives will Tony’s jets cost?

This article raises some good points, however there are some tensions within it that I would like to address.

Whilst I have no genuine problem with the comparison of the cost of the JSFs and that it could be better spent, there is the issue of an air force. The real problem for me is that the JSFs were bought by the Howard government without a proper due process essentially, and that in fact there are vastly superior aircraft for less and/or similar price tag. Dassault for instance, make a vastly superior aircraft, the Rafale, and there is of course the Eurofighter Typhoon.

This aircraft–the JSF–is an aerial-lemon.

Also the argument regarding China (and its rise), which will come to meet Australia in the very near future — China is progressing militarily as well as economically. Currently it is establishing bases in Pakistan (which despises the USA due in part to the ‘war on terror’ which has left the populace deeply resentful of America due, in no small part, to drone-strikes) and in Burma as well as moving to establish bases in Africa. China is now setting about accomplishing what the USA once did: establishing a long term plan for it to become a global power. Australia should take heed and plan for this happening as America is not our neighbour, nor is it in our region and nor will it come to our aid if there is a clash with China.

America, after all, is a war-weary nation.

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2 Responses to A reply to : How many children’s lives will Tony’s jets cost?

  1. Spot on Geo! Particularly your observations on the rise of China and the need for Australia to formulate and independent foreign policy and extricate itself from the ‘abandonment or entrapment’ scenario which has dogged it from 1951 (or 1941 if you want to include the reliance Britain to come to our aid.. which it did not).
    Don’t know if too many Brit pilots who flew in both Gulf Wars would agree with your assessment of the Typhoon though.
    Keep up the good work – look forward to more commonsense posts in the near future.

    • strobedriver says:

      thankyou Edward, for you comment and am glad to hear from you and definitely common sense is needed in current economic times (and I was talking about the upgraded version of the Typhoon though I didn’t make that clear).

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