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Out of the frying pan: Should the Australian Army be used against terrorists on Australian soil?

  Introduction: Terrorism as a ‘dynamic’ Recently in The Australian, an article entitled ‘We’d be fools not to use the ‘best in the business’’[1] was written suggesting that the Australian Army—specifically TAG East, the special forces team based in Sydney—should … Continue reading

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A perspective on the current crisis inTurkey

The crackdown in Turkey–by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan–which has now been extended to a three month state-of-emergency it must be said is a foolish and dangerous move. The arresting of people who are ‘against’ Erdogan’s rule are in fact … Continue reading

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Beyond the Asia-Pacific: China’s Next Geo-Strategic ‘Stepping Stone’

STROBE DRIVER, JUN 4 2016, 3587 VIEWS Image by U.S. Pacific Command China in recent times has begun to drastically alter its role in the Asia-Pacific (A-P) region, from that of being a docile observer for many decades to being … Continue reading

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Australia should consider hosting bases with US forces: A response to this absurd and dangerous proposal in the coming age of pax-Sino This is yet another, ridiculous and ill-informed commentary from the conservative (I would suggest neo-conservative) Menzies Institute and Ross Babbage’s comments should be rebuffed in no uncertain terms. There is an assumption that is so entrenched in this Institute … Continue reading

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‘Heads should roll’: An Historical Perspective on Terrorism for the Abbott Neoconservative Government

‘Heads should roll’ With regard to Prime Minister Abbott and his ‘heads should roll’ comment of 25 June, 2015 there is more to be said about this incident and the witch-hut that has taken place in the public sphere. There … Continue reading

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The Sovereign Nation-State as a Contributor to Terrorism

Image The current crises associated with ‘terrorism,’ in particular the shocking acts by individuals in the beheading of civilians as acts of revenge notwithstanding, there are issues with regard to the nation-state and its role in the ‘shaping’ of … Continue reading

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Australia-China and the Rise of Pax-Sino: Where to now?

First published on E-International Relations, 21 Sept, 2014. Australia, has sought to ensure it has long-term allies in the Asia-Pacific (A-P) region. This is due in no small part to the surprise attack on Darwin during World War Two … Continue reading

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Abbott uses society’s vulnerable as means to an ideological end

Originally posted on The Australian Independent Media Network:
Image courtesy of Can anybody make any sense out of what this government doing? asks Jennifer Wilson. It seems to me that it’s a core conservative tradition to use  the most vulnerable…

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